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TMJ (also known as Temporomandibular Joint Disorder) develops in the joint of the jaw where the top and bottom jaws come together. Since your teeth, jaw joints, head and neck muscles and head posture are all related, a problem in one area can affect the other, resulting in pain. Houston TMJ dentist Dr. John Barras is an expert at diagnosing and treating TMJ disorder and the pain and discomfort it causes. Depending on the nature of your problem, Dr. Barras may recommend the following:

1. Initial Examination (Free)

Evaluate your history, do a physical examination of your head and neck area, take digital photos of the teeth, and conduct a series of non-invasive electronic tests. These tests include electronic stimulation to your muscles which will help them get to a relaxed state. Based on these results, Dr. Barras will be able to determine whether your bite is a major cause of the problem.

2. Bite Test

TMJ symptoms can be relieved with a bite guard, bite adjustment, or an orthotic, a device used to help balance the bite at rest and in function. It can be worn over your teeth to maintain the proper bite position. This method of treatment is extremely effective for the vast majority of people suffering from TMJ and is non-surgical. Typically a patient will wear the orthotic for around six weeks, with 4 visits to the office for adjustments.

3. Permanent Solutions

At the end of the bite test, the vast majority of our patients will experience significant or total TMJ pain relief. Based on the outcome of the test, Dr. Barras will make recommendations on permanent solutions to maintain the corrected jaw alignment. These solutions vary from patient to patient but can include referring the patient to an orthodontist to permanently maintain the alignment of the developed orthotic or Dr. Barras adjusting the teeth to mirror the orthotic through cosmetic dentistry.

Houston TMJ Treatment Before and After Picture
Actual Patient: Before and After TMJ Treatment

Symptoms of TMJ

The initial symptoms of TMJ are normally facial or jaw pain, headaches that result in pain behind your eyes, and dizziness. You may also notice a clicking sound when you open your mouth wide. In some situations it may be difficult to open your jaw very much without feeling as though your jaw is locking.

Other TMJ symptoms include: pain in the ears, earaches, ringing in the ears, difficulty swallowing, migraines, pain when eating or loosening of teeth. TMJ symptoms can affect other areas of the body as well including the neck, back and shoulder. When left untreated, TMJ can cause even more symptoms to occur. As we age, the symptoms of TMJ progress.

TMJ Disorder Treatment in Houston

Dr. John Barras, DDS is a Houston based TMJ dentist, trained in Neuromuscular Dentistry and an expert in diagnosing and treating TMJ disorder.  If you do have a problem, Dr. Barras will work with you to find the best treatment plan for your particular symptoms.  If you are in the Houston area and are experiencing any of the above symptoms, we urge you to call our office to schedule a free consultation with TMJ dentist Dr. John Barras at 713-993-9814.  We do accept most major insurance providers.

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Real Patient Reviews

The most at ease I have ever felt in a dentist office.... I was recommended to Dr. Barras after about 3 months of my jaw being locked. Dr. Barras and his Team were very thorough in their evaluation of what might have caused this to happen. They took measurements and photos, as it turns out I had very limited motion in my jaws due to a very poor bite caused from upper bridges that did not meet my teeth below as well as the way I hold my jaw. Every other week or so I would go into the office and I would have a treatment on the Tends machine (hope that is correct). This is the best 45 minutes.....Measurements are taken afterwards to see if the is any gained motion in my jaw. Dr. Barras gave me various option on how to correct my bite issue. Currently I am wearing a temporary Orthotic, this is an option I was given until I can determine which route I would like to go. I will say it has helped tremendously. It has been almost a year now and I cannot tell you the relief I have felt. Dr. Barras and his entire TEAM are truly a Class Act. Geno, Katy, Courtney, Danielle and the rest of the TEAM, Thank you for making me feel Special.
5 / 5 stars


How much does a TMJ Consultation cost?

Dr. Barras offers a complimentary consultation.

How much does the bite test cost?

The bite test, including the orthotic is $3,000. This is a fixed cost, even if you require additional visits to achieve proper jaw alignment.

Will my dental insurance cover the procedure?

We do accept most insurance plans, however typically TMJ treatments are not fully covered.

If you have questions related to your specific dental insurance call us at 713-993-9814

Is financing available?

Yes. We work with a third party service who offers financing for approved patients.

Is Doctor Barras a TMJ Specialist?

There is no form of specialization to become a “TMJ Specialist” and therefore no dentist can claim this on their website.  Dr. Barras is a Neuromuscular dentist which is an area of dentistry focused on the proper alignment of the jaw.  Dr. Barras uses his Neuromuscular dentistry background to permanently treat pain and discomfort caused by TMJ.

How long does it take to relieve my TMJ pain?

Every patient is different and in some cases it can take longer to fully adjust the jaw.  Most patients have relief in a few weeks, but some can take months contingent upon how much the jaw needs to be adjusted to achieve the desired alignment.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to call our office to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Barras at 713-993-9814

TMJ Treatment
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