Gum Contouring Procedures in Houston

Gums play a large role in a confident smile. Uneven gums, excessive gum tissue, or a receding gum line can affect the appearance of the teeth.  Asymmetrical gums, an excess of gum tissue, and receding gums may be caused by hereditary issues, lifestyle habits, personal health developments, and more.  Gum contouring is a cosmetic dental procedure shaping the gums to achieve the smile you desire. Gum contouring is used for improving smile appearance by:

Adding Gum Tissue. For cases in which gums have receded, or sit naturally high on the teeth, gum contouring can add gum tissue. This can correct the appearance of teeth which appear long and can help prevent tooth loss.  In some cases, gums can recede to expose the roots of teeth, weakening the natural defenses from tooth decay.

Gum Contouring Procedures

Removing Gum Tissue. In opposite cases, dental patients may have an excess of gum tissue creating the impression of small, or underdeveloped teeth.  Excessive gum tissue, or gingival hyperplasia, may be hereditary or can occur due to health and lifestyle factors.  Dental afflictions such as gum disease and gingival fibromatosis may also lead to unhealthy levels of gum growth.

Creating Gum Symmetry. Gum tissue distribution may be unequal across the smile. This can lead to smiles which appear asymmetrical, crooked, or otherwise misshapen. Gum tissue may be lost, or excessive gum tissue may form creating an uneven appearance. With gum contouring, gum tissue can be sculpted for symmetry.

Gum tissue may continue to grow or recede left untreated, for an increasing effect on appearance. Over time, this can affect confidence in smiling, laughing, speaking and more.  Gum contouring procedures are performed in-office and may be individual cosmetic procedures or part of a larger dental treatment program.

Gum Contouring Procedure

Gum contouring procedures are performed on an outpatient basis at our Houston dental office, located in the Galleria.  Before adding or removing gum tissue, patients will undergo a gum contouring consultation with Dr. Barras to determine the best solutions.

  1. Consultation

Expectations, outcomes, and aftercare will all be addressed in a gum contouring consultation.  During a consultation learn how gum contouring can remove or restore gum tissue for the results you want.

  1. Outpatient Procedure

Gum contouring procedures are performed in our Houston office with the aid of anesthesia.  Once the anesthetic takes effect small amounts of gum tissue are added or removed with precision to sculpt the desired gum line.

  1. Recovery

Due to anesthesia it may be necessary to arrange transportation home. Depending on the patient and amount of tissue, the amount of time spent on recovery may last upwards of 7-10 days.

To expedite the healing process, and improve the results of gum contouring, Dr. Barras will recommend specific aftercare instructions.

Gum Contouring Aftercare

Gum contouring procedures are cosmetic surgical procedures. During a gum contouring, the gums will experience mild trauma which may require up to 7-10 days to heal.  While recovering from a gum contouring it’s important to follow the aftercare instructions recommended by Dr. Barras. These can include:

  • Conscious brushing. Take care to brush teeth gently following a gum contouring, as vigorous brushing can damage healing gums and cause bleeding.
  • Managing pain. Medication can help reduce pain and swelling during recovery. Exercise caution with selecting over-the-counter medication; avoid medications with blood thinners.
  • Recovery diet. Immediately following a gum contouring, gum sensitivity will be heightened. The gums may also be increasingly susceptible to cuts, bruises, and bleeding during this time. To help gums heal properly it’s recommended to eat soft foods at cool temperatures. Hot temperatures, spices, seeds, and more can damage and/or irritate healing gums.

The risks associated with gum contouring are minimal, generally limited to allergic reactions to the anesthesia. In rare cases, gum tissue growth may suffer a relapse following surgery. Following the recommended aftercare instructions can help limit the potential for risk.

Schedule a Gum Contouring Consultation

To learn more about gaining a confident smile through gum contouring, schedule a consultation with Dr. Barras, DDS today. Learn more about adding and removing gum tissue to shape a symmetrical and vibrant smile, and find out if gum contouring is right for you. Gum contouring procedures by Dr. Barras are something to smile about!  For more about gum contouring and other cosmetic dental procedures available at Dentistry by John Barras, DDS, call (713) 993-9814 and schedule your gum contouring consultation today.