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Dental fillings are a restorative procedure used to repair damage caused by tooth decay (cavities).  By removing decayed matter and replacing it with a filling, the natural tooth and root are preserved eliminating the need for tooth replacement.  Fillings can be used to repair existing tooth damage or as a preventative measure for small cavities that have yet to become apparent.

Instead of a traditional dental drill, Dr. Barras uses advanced laser technology to painlessly remove tooth decay in preparation for fillings.  Using pain-free lasers, Dr. Barras can quickly and gently remove decay – often without the need for anesthesia.  Removing the pain and noise associated with drilling helps create a more comfortable and relaxing environment for the root canal procedure.

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White, Tooth-Colored Fillings

In the past, fillings have been created using materials such as gold, or mercury (amalgam) fillings, and ceramic.  These materials although functional are obvious and stand out against the natural teeth, interrupting the smile.  Dr. Barras offers the latest in dental-filling innovation with tooth-colored composite fillings (also referred to as white fillings) giving his patients complete smiles with a more natural-looking appearance. During your exam at our Houston office, Dr. Barras will help you select a shade of white matching that of your existing teeth so the fillings blend seamlessly.  White tooth-colored fillings offer an aesthetic benefit unavailable with metal fillings.

What is the Procedure for Tooth-Colored Fillings?

  1. First you must schedule an examination with Dr. Barras at our Houston office near the Galleria for an assessment of your teeth and gums.
  2. If you require fillings the area will be thoroughly cleaned before the tooth decay is removed.
  3. Using pain-free lasers instead of a drill, Dr. Barras gently removes the decay completely and sterilizes the area.
  1. Dr. Barras sculpts the appropriate white filling matching your tooth shape and color before hardening the material for a lasting result.
  2. Your filling is ready immediately and can be used right away.

White Tooth Fillings in Houston

If you think you might need a filling or want to schedule a check-up to find out for sure, contact our office in Houston today to schedule an examination with Dr. John Barras, DDS.  After your comprehensive examination Dr. Barras will make recommendations and create a plan to correct or prevent any issues or concerns.  Each patient has a unique smile; we cannot make cost estimations on fillings or other procedures without first visiting with our patients for an examination.  If you’re ready to talk about your smile, contact us today!

Dental Fillings: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are dental fillings covered by insurance?

A: Most of the time, fillings are a necessary dental procedure and insurance companies will assist with at least a portion.  Insurance companies and policies vary; it is important to check your individual insurance policy to be sure if your dental fillings are covered by your insurance.

Q: How do tooth fillings work?

A: After removing tooth decay in the area surrounding a cavity, the area is filled with a hardened, white composite matching your tooth color, creating a sterile filling in the treated area preventing further decay and damage to the tooth.

Q: Are dental fillings painful?

A: Not anymore!  Dr. Barras uses lasers instead of a drill to remove tooth decay for pain-free, effective results.  Using a laser Dr. Barras removes the pain and sound associated with traditional drilling for a quieter, more comfortable procedure.  The majority of procedures require no numbing, since no heat is generated by the laser.

Q: Will I be in pain after receiving fillings?

A: Dr. Barras’ pain-free laser-assisted fillings cause little to no lasting discomfort.  In some cases a natural, temporary sensitivity to hot and cold may persist for a few weeks following a procedure.

Q: How long do white, composite fillings last?

A: Typically composite fillings last between five and seven years depending on the patient, their lifestyle, and the level of proper aftercare dedicated to the fillings.

Q: How do I care for my fillings?

A: The best maintenance for all dental work is a proper dental hygiene regimen.  This includes brushing twice-daily, flossing every day, check-ups with a dentist semi-annually, and following a healthy diet.  Additionally avoiding foods and beverages which stain the teeth, like coffee and sodas, will help your fillings last longer.

Q: Can I replace my old fillings with new, white, tooth-colored fillings?

A: Yes!  We can replace your old fillings with new, white tooth-colored fillings to match your teeth and brighten your smile.

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