Help for Botched Cosmetic Dental Procedures in Houston

Are you the victim of a botched cosmetic dental procedure?  More people are seeking the perfect smile than ever before.  Unfortunately, these  botched results do not always match the patient’s expectations.  Many dentists claim to be trained in cosmetic dentistry to capitalize on this opportunity but lack the skill and training to correctly perform cosmetic dental aesthetics..  The result is a number of botched dental procedures leaving patients in pain, unhappy with their smile, or sometimes in even worse condition than before their procedure.  Botched cosmetic dental procedures and poorly performed dental work take many forms. Examples most commonly in botched dentistry are:

  • Discolored porcelain veneers, or veneers that have turned gray or yellow
  • Bonding which has become unglued or discolored
  • Cracked or chipped porcelain veneers
  • Mismatched or loose porcelain veneers
  • Improperly cleaned surgery sites resulting in infections
  • Mismatched or improperly bounded crowns
  • Failure to first, properly correct an uneven bite, resulting in continual breakage of cosmetic dentistry.
  • Failure to resolve pain after restoring the mouth.

A botched dental procedure leaves patients feeling less  comfortable and  insecure with  their smile, resulting in severe discomfort, feeling self-conscious or uncomfortable about their teeth and smile..  Fortunately there is help available.  Dr. Barras can repair botched cosmetic dental procedures at his Houston office to give you the award-winning smile you want and deserve!

Are Botched Cosmetic Dental Procedures Common?

The prevalence of celebrity culture, advances in dental technology and techniques, and the number of dentists who advertise cosmetic dentistry all contribute to increased demand for cosmetic dental procedures.  Unfortunately, many dentists who offer these procedures have no specialized training in cosmetic dentistry, leaving countless patients with unsatisfactory results.

  • Many dentists are not aware of the wide range of options available for veneers, leaving patients with mismatched veneer coloring (graying or yellowing veneers, or veneers that don’t match the natural teeth).
  • While some dentists are trying to capitalize on the demand for cosmetic dentistry, their use of inferior veneers can result in cracked, chipped, or veneers that debond – even after only light use.
  • Some dentists put only minimal artistic effort into placing crowns or veneers, leaving the smile uneven or unbalanced.
  • Not every dentist puts in the amount of time and effort necessary to ensure areas are properly cleaned before performing cosmetic dental procedures resulting in infections that affect the teeth, gums, and the overall appearance of cosmetic dental work.

Fixing Botched Cosmetic Dental Procedures

If you had a cosmetic dentistry procedure performed and are not satisfied with the results, Dr. Barras can help you get the smile you are looking for. Dr. John Barras, DDS LVIF has extensive education in cosmetic procedures; he constantly researches the latest techniques and dental technology delivering results you can be happy, comfortable, and confident with. For well over a decade he has operated his own practice in Houston, Texas helping people from all over get the results they want. Patients who suffer from botched dental procedures can rely on Dr. Barras for the repair and improvement of their dental work. His passion, training, and skill make him a unique asset to the cosmetic dental field, and the right choice for addressing substandard cosmetic dental procedures. If you have had a botched dental procedure, contact Dr. Barras’ office today to schedule an appointment and get your smile back!
Botched Dental Procedures: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I fix discolored or mismatched veneers?

A: Yes. Dr. Barras can replace your veneers to match the color of your natural teeth, even if they have been previously bleached.

Q: Are botched dental procedures covered by insurance?

A: Most often insurance companies do not assist with cosmetic dental procedures, only dental procedures that are medically necessary. If you’ have had a botched cosmetic dental procedure and are curious if fixing it is assisted by your insurance policy, contact our team to schedule a complementary consultation.

Q: My veneers broke after only a few months of use, is that normal?

A: When veneers are in a healthy and stable bite, they should last significantly longer than a few months, or even a few years. If your veneers have chipped or broken Dr. Barras can evaluate your bite to identify the cause of the problem.

Q: Can any dentist perform a cosmetic dental procedure?

A: Any dentist licensed to practice general dentistry can perform cosmetic dental procedures – however it is important that all patients do their research and are knowledgable in what continuing education and training their dentist has had. If you are seeking a cosmetic dental procedure, or suffer from a previous botched dental procedure, locate a specially-trained dentist like Dr. Barras who takes special care to receive continuing education on cosmetic procedures, and who has experience giving patients results they can smile about.

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